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Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yo's, double wing
Exhibit #3381
Size105 mm tall
Width240 mm
Number Produced25
OwnerRick Brough

An exquisite eight-color Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yo's double wing patch from 1978. This design is one of the largest yo-yo wing patches ever made (Cheerio Yo-Yos made slighter larger ones) with a dimension of 105 mm tall x 240 mm wide.

To my knowledge, the patch was sold retail. However, it was never advertised in Tom Kuhn marketing postcards or brochures that were periodically mailed to customers. As such, it's unknown how customers found out about it. Like the hard-to-find Tom Kuhn Flying Camel circular patch, these large wing patches were made one time only, and very few of them at that. (According to Tom, less than 25.)

When Dr. Kuhn launched Big-YO–the largest wooden yo-yo on the planet (at the time, the main body of the yo-yo was made out of California Sugar Pine wood; the yo-yo's face–the portion with the engraving–was Baltic Birch from the USSR; the axle sleeve was made out of Hard Rock Maple; the axle and hex nut, steel) on October 25, 1980–from Pier 39 in San Francisco, Tom wore a white pull-over, v-neck sweater with this same colorful wing patch sewn onto the front of it. See picture in this exhibit. On the back of his sweater was sewn the equally large, colorful, and scarce Tom Kuhn Flying Camel Custom 3 in 1 Wonder Yo-Yo circular patch.

Original retail price: $25 US.

Hard to find.

Of historical interest...
Single wing and double wing patches have long been a common theme in yo-yoing since 1949. Here are a few of the yo-yo wing patch variations that have "taken flight" the past 70 years:

Bird in Hand YoYo, double wing
Cheerio Official Champion, double wing
Cheerio Junior Champion, single wing
1955 Duncan Skill Award, single wing
1949 Duncan Expert Award, double wing
Duncan 75th Anniversary, double wing
1949 Duncan Skill Award, single wing
Goody Expert, double wing
Royal Champion King of Yo-Yos, double wing
Duncan Flying Eagle Champion, double wing
Royal Yo-Yo Champion, double wing
Fiend Magazine Yo-Yo Tour, double wing
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 Yo-Yo, double wing, version 2
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 Yo-Yo, double wing, version 1
Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos, double wing
Duncan Yo-Yo Scout, double wing
Other Views
Front, large
Back, large
Size comparison of Tom Kuhn wing patches
Winding the 3/4 inch diameter dacron

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