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Tom Kuhn Flying Camel - Custom 3 in 1 Wonder Yo-Yo
Exhibit #3656
Size195 mm diameter
OwnerRick Brough

An exquisite multi-colored (eleven distinct colors) Tom Kuhn Custom patch promoting the debut of his Flying Camel 3 in 1 Wonder Yo-Yo from 1978. This beautiful circular design is one of the largest yo-yo patches ever made (195 mm diameter!) and contains the most colors of any known yo-yo patch.

A picture of this patch is seen in the Tom Kuhn full-color product sheet from 1978. However, its accompanying product pricing sheet did not list the patch's price. Instead, you were instructed to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Tom and he would send you the latest patch information. Presumably including information about the Flying Camel patch. According to Tom, 25 of this first version Flying Camel Custom 3 in 1 Wonder patch was made. A second, later version of this same patch was made (quantity unknown). However, the embroidered Custom 3 in 1 Wonder text was replaced with Laser Carved Wonder. The second version is also quite hard to find.

When Dr. Kuhn launched Big-YO -- the largest wooden yo-yo on the planet in 1980 -- from Pier 39 in San Francisco, Tom wore a white v-neck sweater with this same colorful round patch sewn onto the back of it. On the front of his sweater was sewn the equally large, colorful, and rare Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yo's wing patch (see pictures in the wing patch exhibit).

The unusual "Flying Camel" name was explained by Tom Kuhn years ago:

"This question seemingly comes in out of the blue. And that's where the answer comes from too. Back in 1978, I was backpacking in the pristine Sierra Nevada Mountains, with my old college friend Dick Porter (now a scientist in France). We were by ourselves camped at a gorgeous granite bound and crystal clear lake laying on our backs after dinner, watching the clouds form and disappear over our heads. I had a number of yo-yo prototypes with me and was sketching designs for the first models. A butterfly landed on my finger and I watched as its proboscis probed the leftover chili powder on my fingers - it was that kind of a day. More cloud watching and one particularly interesting formation appeared, and I asked Dick if he could see the FLYING CAMEL above our heads. He laughed and said, "YES! I see it." I got my sketch pad and captured the image. It seemed an evocative and perfect image for a new breed of carved wooden yo-yo."

Original retail price: $25 US.

Hard to find.

See also the following items as printed in the full color Tom Kuhn product sheet from 1978:

No Jive Flying Camel - Model C, 3 in 1 Wonder yo-yo
Flying Camel - Custom 3 in 1 Wonder Yo-Yo patch
Tom Kuhn green logo patch without trademark (version 1)
Tom Kuhn blue logo patch with trademark (version 2)
No Jive - 3 in 1 Yo-Yo wing patch
Other Views
Patch front, large
Patch back, large
Full color Tom Kuhn product sheet from 1978
Tom Kuhn price list from 1978

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