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Tournament - No. 77

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Duncan Yo-Yo Scout wing set
Exhibit #3383
OwnerRick Brough

At the 2017 National Scout Jamboree held at Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, Duncan had a yo-yo scout booth that gave participants an opportunity to try out various Duncan yo-yos, like the Hornet and the Freehand.

Duncan also created a yo-yo award program with 5 levels that each scout could earn. The Duncan Hornet yo-yo was recommended for levels 1 and 2, and the Duncan Freehand was recommended for levels 3, Advanced, and Master.

Within each level, you were given a trick card outlining 3 to 5 tricks you had to successfully complete to earn that level's patch and advance to the next level.

Unlike a yo-yo competition where you were competing against many other individuals, this system meant you were competing with yourself to do your best. First class Duncan!

DOWNLOAD PDF (674.91 KB) to see the full Duncan Yo-Yo Scout Program 2017 brochure. Best viewed using Adobe Acrobat 10 or later.

Of historical interest...
Single wing and double wing patches have long been a common theme in yo-yoing since 1949. See some of the yo-yo wing patch variations that have "taken flight" the past 70 years:

Bird in Hand YoYo, double wing
Cheerio Official Champion, double wing
Cheerio Junior Champion, single wing
1955 Duncan Skill Award, single wing
1949 Duncan Expert Award, double wing
Duncan 75th Anniversary, double wing
1949 Duncan Skill Award, single wing
Goody Expert, double wing
Royal Champion King of Yo-Yos, double wing
Duncan Flying Eagle Champion, double wing
Royal Yo-Yo Champion, double wing
Fiend Magazine Yo-Yo Tour, double wing
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 Yo-Yo, double wing, version 2
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 Yo-Yo, double wing, version 1
Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos, double wing
Duncan Yo-Yo Scout, double wing
Other Views
Front, large
Trick cards, side A
Trick cards, side B
Program overview

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