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Duncan First, Second, and Third awards, 1952
Exhibit #1684
Size 10.2 cm x 9.8 cm
OwnerRick Brough

This award patch set, based on their size, is probably from the late 1940s to around 1957. I'm not certain if there was a "champion" or "winner" type of patch above the first place patch. Wish I knew for sure.

These patches also came in a few other color variations.

See the photograph of fourteen year old Doug Larson doing "Rock the Baby". His mother wrote on the back of the photograph "[T]his trick is 'Rock the baby' one of the more difficult ones Doug says." Seen on the front of his jacket, on the upper-right side, is the same first place patch that is seen in this exhibit.

See other patches on Doug Larson's jacket:
• Front of jacket - 22 trick Champ Award star
• Front of jacket - First place
• Back of jacket - Champ Award circular
• Back of jacket - 1956 Winner shield
• Back of jacket - Junior Instructor wing
Other Views
Blue border first place
Photograph of fourteen year old Doug Larson doing Rock the Baby

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