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Duncan 22 trick Champ Award star
Exhibit #3414
Color2 color on yellow felt
OwnerRick Brough

A Duncan 22 trick Champ Award star patch, likely from between 1955 to 1957.

See the photograph of fourteen year old Doug Larson doing "Rock the Baby". His mother wrote on the back of the photograph "[T]his trick is 'Rock the baby' one of the more difficult ones Doug says." Seen on the front of his jacket, on the upper-left side, is the same 22 trick patch that is seen in this exhibit.

See other patches on Doug Larson's jacket:
• Front of jacket - 22 trick Champ Award star
• Front of jacket - First place
• Back of jacket - Champ Award circular
• Back of jacket - 1956 Winner shield
• Back of jacket - Junior Instructor wing

The three different patches in this series -- 8 trick Bronze, 15 trick Silver, and 22 trick Champ -- are unusual because they were constructed out of heavy felt and machine embroidered. Whereas, the dated 1953 Duncan star patch set was constructed of heavy gauge cotton cloth and embroidered. Why the difference is unknown and why this trio of patches does not have the year embroidered on them is also unknown.

These felt-based star patches are susceptible to moth damage and typically have slightly off-centered border stitching.
Other Views
Front, large
Back, large
Complete award patch set
Photograph of fourteen year old Doug Larson doing

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