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Duncan 1956 Champ Award, style 1
Exhibit #2808
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan Yo-Yo Top "Champ Award" embroidered patch, style 2. It's unknown what a player had to accomplish to earn this patch.

Duncan made two styles of this patch. The style seen in this exhibit has a solid green, flared torch with a solid red flame and two, concentric blue circles. This patch style came out in the mid-1950s.

See also the Duncan Yo-Yo Top Champ Award, style 2.

See the photograph of fourteen year old Doug Larson showing the back of his jacket. In the upper area is the same circular Champ Award patch that is seen in this exhibit.

See other patches on Doug Larson's jacket:
• Front of jacket - 22 trick Champ Award star
• Front of jacket - First place
• Back of jacket - Champ Award circular
• Back of jacket - 1956 Winner shield
• Back of jacket - Junior Instructor wing
Other Views
Patch, large
Fourteen year old Doug Larson showing back of jacket
Back of photograph:

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