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Vu & Pang Cheatcode
Exhibit #4338
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
OwnerRick Brough

Another one-trick pony yo-yo, the Cheatcode was designed by Brandon Vu of Australia and Jeffrey Pang of Canada. It is a yo-yo that helps you do one string trick, really well: the DNA. The concept of one yo-yo design helping you do one particular trick well is nothing new. The Cheatcode follows in the same vein as Turning Point's Kerberos (for helping you perform the most popular yo-yo trick in the world: Walk the Dog), and Shuttle (for performing the Rocket or Skyrocket). Of course, any of these yo-yos can be used for other tricks, but their designs and materials were optimized to help you accomplish a particular trick with ease.

From Jeffrey Pang:
"This yo-yo is the Cheatcode! Developed around the concept of an "Ultimate Fingerspin Yo-yo". The low friction delrin cap shares lineage with the original Skyva but is updated to solve issues like aimless wander, where your finger doesn't go into the dimple.

The angles on the delrin cap forces the yo-yo to gyroscopically wait until a predetermined angle. The yo-yo then effortlessly slips your finger into the dimple. Brandon jokingly named it the "Auto Orientation Technology" and it kind of stuck so we used that term on the side of the box. Realistically, it just means that even if the yoyo isn't perfectly thrown, it always go into a fingerspin at any angle. This functionality makes it easier for beginners who struggle with learning the string trick known as DNA - the yo-yo is a cheatcode for it as the name implies!

The width brings it up to modern competition yo-yo standards to help with learning complicated string tricks."

Released April 11, 2023

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 46mm
Weight: 67.2gm
Material - body: 6061 aluminum
Material - cap: Delrin plastic
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm slim pad

Original retail price: $65 US.

For more one-trick pony yo-yos, see the following:
Shuttle (Sky Rocket) by Turning Point
Kerberos (Run/Walk the Dog) by Turning Point
Cheat Code (DNA) by Vu and Pang
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