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Turning Point Shuttle
Exhibit #4337
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
OwnerRick Brough

Another one-trick pony yo-yo, Turning Point's Shuttle, also called the Rocket or Sky Rocket.

From yoyostorerewind.com:
"Hironori Mikai (Mii] signature model from Turning Point, featuring the world's first yo-yo dedicated to the Rocket or Skyrocket trick.

This yo-yo is the signature model of Turning Point production and our president, Hironori Mitsui. It is the world's first yo-yo dedicated to the Rocket, which is not the off string yo-yo that won the world championship, but a completely different type of yo-yo, the "rocket" yo-yo that he is quietly very good at.

The Rocket is a trick in which the yo-yo is caught by pulling the string away from the fingers after a sleeper, and then throwing the yo-yo high into the air. Because of its flashy appearance, the Rocket is often used in performances and is one of the most popular basic tricks. The "Rocket into the Pocket," in which the yo-yo is thrown directly into the pocket, is another popular and well-known trick, and Mii has developed an arrangement of this trick that he has performed in battle tournaments in the past.

To withstand the impact of a fall when a rocket fails to catch, this new version is made of POM material, which is known for its durability, and the shaft circumference is made extremely thick to increase the strength of the rocket. The normal shape and slightly narrower width are designed to make it easier to rocket into the pocket.

The most notable feature of this work is the return balance. The perfect gap prevents the string from returning with the slightest shock when removing the string from your fingers, but when you throw it up into the air, it rewinds the string firmly even if the sleep is weak to the limit.

The narrow effective width makes string tricks difficult to perform, and of course, it does not have the return strength of a looping yo-yo, so it is no exaggeration to say that it is not suitable for any other tricks. We hope you find your own unique arrangement of Rocket with this super-specialized yo-yo that was created just for Rocket."

The Shuttle came with a signed card featuring Hironori Mitsui. See the Shuttle in action!

Released March 9, 2022

Diameter: 58.37mm
Width: 25.8mm
Weight: 63.1gm
Body material: POM
Ball bearing: Size C
Response pads: 19mm slim
Axle: M4 × 14mm
Bind: Tug return

Original retail price: $110 US.

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