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Duncan Genuine Tournament 77 (carved)
Exhibit #4201
ShapeStandard (-)
FinishClear Coat
ColorNatural maple
ConstructionOne piece wood
OwnerRick Brough

A fixed axle, natural maple wood with a red stripe on both halves, followed by a clear, gloss coat, and finally the Duncan Genuine Yo-Yo Tournament Top 77 decal.

The red/blue/yellow decal on side A and the hand carved scene and name on side B suggest that this yo-yo may have been given as an award. I have only seen this same decal design and color on a jumbo Duncan award yo-yo.

Side A
A circular decal with a yellow background and a thin dark blue line going around the outer circumference of decal. Note the 77 in blue near the lower portion of the decal. In red is the text Duncan Yo-Yo Top; in blue is the text Genuine Tournament 77. The decal featured a sillouette image of Duncan's Mr. Yo-Yo character standing on a base pedestal with an oversized hand throwing down a yo-yo.

Side B
Handcarving by a Duncan Yo-Yo demonstrator (likely Filipino) of a palm tree with branches on the left side, a mermaid in the center waving with her right hand, and a setting sun in the background. Below the mermaid, near the outer perimeter, is handcarved the name "Rolland".

A beautiful yo-yo in great condition. Very nice vintage piece, likely from the early 50s.

See also these Duncan circular posters from the past, some of which use the same model 77 seal as the yo-yo in this exhibit:
Duncan Genuine Yo-Yo Tournament Top 77, blue with black stripe, red seal
Duncan Genuine Yo-Yo Tournament Top 77, yellow with black stripe, black seal
Duncan Genuine Yo-Yo Tournament Top 77, blue with black stripe, black seal
Genuine Tournament 77 yo-yo with hand carved scene, natural maple with red stripe, yellow, red, and blue seal
Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top poster, red with black stripe, red and black seal
Duncan Yo-Yo On Sale Here, red with black stripe, red and black seal, no Mr. Yo-Yo
Genuine Duncan Yo-Yo On Sale Here, red with red and black seal

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Other Views
Profile condition
Side A, close-up of decal
Side A, angled, large
Side B - hand carved scene

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