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Exhibit #3884
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Diameter52.65 mm
Width39.66 mm
Gap Width3.39 mm
Weight68 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the spyy.ca website:
"SPYY is proud to finally release its latest signature series yo-yo, the Pure. This yo-yo was constructed and styled for legendary 5A player, Jonathan Robinson (who is known as JonRob in the yo-yo community). This hand-crafted yo-yo is intended to add a measurable level of sophistication and value to any player's collection, therefore numbers of this release are limited to 125 pieces." [Rick: It's not clear if the 125 pieces made were the total for all four editions, or 125 pieces per each edition.]

"The Pure breaks tradition in modern high-performance metal yo-yos by incorporating flush-machined side caps for a stunning look and feel. The side caps provide excellent ergonomics for side style play and a unique tone while the yo-yo spins. Each yo-yo was meticulously bead blasted, hand finished, anodized then re-machined to expose the beauty of raw aluminum. For JonRob, it's not only about how well it plays, but also how good it looks!"

The Pure was Jonathan Robinson's signature 5A yo-yo made by Saturn Precision Yo-Yos of Canada (SPYY).

Four versions of Pure were made by SPYY. Each yo-yo had a different look and feel. For example, the Pure Blue was a solid anodized color with no bead blasting. The VSOP had bead blasting and featured the pad-printed Pure logo and ring on the face. The XO was painted and pad-printed with the Hennessy XO (alcohol brand with XO meaning Extra Old) vine work; and finally the Pure Gold, plated with 18K gold.

Pure Gold edition
"Pure Gold is coated in 18k gold. The yo-yo comes in a walnut box with the Pure logo on the front. It also has the pillow and gold metallic bag, as well as the signed card and a few metallic gold/white polyester G-Strings. Exclusive to yoyonation.com website."
Diameter: 53.04mm
Width: 39.82mm
Weight: 66 gm
String gap: 3.39mm
Bearing: 5 × 11 x 5 mm Dif-E-Yo KonKave
Response: Custom Yellow/Black Chaz Pad

Pure XO edition
"Pure XO, was painted by Levi McCarroll. The color is white pearl. Then it receives a pad printed with the vine work from liquor Hennessey XO (Extra Old). This is by far one of my favorites it just looks incredible. The paint feels great but we will get more into the play later on. This yo-yo comes in a Rosewood Box lined with white leather and features a Pillow for it to lay on, a gold metallic pouch, and a signature card hand signed by Steve Buffel of SPYY."
Diameter: 53mm
Width: 39.7mm
Weight: 69 gm
Gap width: 3.3mm
Bearing: 5 × 11 x 5 mm Dif-E-Yo KonKave
Response: Deep recessed with a combination of silicone and Dif pads

VSOP edition (Seen in this exhibit)
"Pure VSOP (VSOP is associated with alcohol and is the abbreviation for Very Superior Old Pale) is similar to the blue Pure with a few differences. First, you notice that the face features the same logo as the Gold Pure. Second, the inside catch area is bead blasted. This finish provides the VSOP Pure with the ability to grind better than the other three."
Diameter: 52.65mm
Width: 39.66mm
Weight: 68 gm
Gap width: 3.39mm
Bearing: 5 × 11 x 5 mm Dif-E-Yo KonKave
Response: Dif-E-Yo Dif-Pad/Silicone Sticker

Blue, Black, or Red edition
"Pure Blue (or Black or Red) was the bare bones Pure but definitely not considered low end. This version was made for the masses and was available in Blue, Black, and Red. It featured an anodized finish in the catch area and raw rims and face. On my Pure Blue, I took an extra step and polished the raw aluminum."
Diameter: 52.13mm
Width: 39.54mm
Weight: 66.50 gm
Gap width: 3.39mm
Bearing: 5 × 11 x 5 mm Dif-E-Yo KonKave
Response Dif-E-Yo Dif-Pad/Silicone Sticker

Released June 13, 2009

Original retail price: $149 US
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