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Apollo - No. 29

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SuperYo Samurai
Exhibit #2072
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
OwnerRick Brough

At the time, the Samurai achieved a new sleep record of twelve minutes and two seconds. The record was set by Matt Owen on October 23, 1999 on his first throw. The event was documented by a stopwatch, clock, and video timer. (On a side note: as of December, 2015, the current world record sleeper is 30 minutes, 28.3 seconds set by Simpson Wong in August, 2012. He used a yo-yo made by C3YoYoDesign. That design eventually went on to production and was called "BTH" and retailed for $180 US. See it in this museum!).

The first 1000 yo-yos were a Limited Collectors Edition with a special Samurai mark on one side of the yo. All yo-yos had an assigned serial number that you could register with SuperYo using the enclosed card.

The features of this yo-yo included the following:
- SatinGlide(tm) ceramic bearing
- Solid "2.1.0" design--that is, 2 halves, 1 ball bearing, and 0 parts to lose.
- .0005 diamond finish CNC machined tolerance.
- Hollow body halves.
- SuperYo's redesigned IntelliGap(tm) axle adjustment system.

The folded origami paper in the "Complete box contents" picture contains an extra black string. Overall, this high quality, hollow bodied aluminum yo-yo was an unprecedented design in 1999. It remains so nearly 20 years later. Beautifully designed packaging as well.

Collected December 25, 1999. USPS hand-delivered the yo-yo package directly to my door on Christmas morning. In 1999, this yo-yo originally retailed for $130 US. The price made it one of the most expensive mass produced yo-yos up to that point in time. Accounting for inflation, that $130 is now equivalent to $190 in 2017.
Other Views
Samurai figure side
Complete box contents
Front and back of card

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