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Tom Kuhn Tom Cat
Exhibit #3079
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorTortoise Shell on black
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseTurbo Disk
OwnerRick Brough

In 2002, the Tom Cat was a brand new, first edition design from Tom Kuhn. It is a butterfly configuration designed by Tom Kuhn and manufactured by What's Next. It was the first butterfly aluminum yo-yo from Tom Kuhn, and, in 2002, it was the first new Tom Kuhn yo-yo in almost three years. Uses Dr. Yo's Turbo Discs and has an adjustable gap using the enclosed tool. Uses a size I ball bearing.

Pre-order sales for the yo-yo began in May 2001 but actual delivery took place in February 2002. Supposedly, this model was limited to 500 pieces. The first serial number – 000 – went to Brad Countryman (owner of What's Next Mfg., Inc.); serial numbers 001, 002, and 003 went to Tom Kuhn.

This model of yo-yo occasionally comes up for auction, but most of the time it is missing one or more accessories. If you are interested in such a yo-yo at auction, use the reference image - "Complete contents" - in this exhibit to help you make an informed bid. (Originally came with the Tom Cat yo-yo, one SB-2 Flight Manual booklet [same booklet that has been printed since 1990], one black leather yo-yo holster, a printed serial number certificate, two black weight rings, one pack of Dr. Yo's Turbo Discs [response pads], one string gap adjustment tool, and five extra strings.)

Original retail price: $125 US.

See the original announcement postcard for the Cat series. Of interest, the back of the card mentioned three different "Cat" yo-yo releases that were only available by pre-order: First, the Tom Cat; second, the Fat Cat; and third, the Cool Cat. The first two models were released. However, the Cool Cat was never released... or was it?!

See also the Tom Kuhn Black Cat.
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Side, large
Complete contents
The three original cats

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