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Tom Kuhn SB-2 - polished with brushed rims
Exhibit #3308
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseTurbo Disk
Diameter57 mm
Weight55 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Silver Bullet 2 – Polished faces with brushed rims, first released February 7, 2018.

Unlike the release of the Tom Kuhn Black Cat in which you could request a specific serial number, there was no ability to do the same with this SB2 version that was first announced on February 7, 2018. The reason given was because [Tom Kuhn] had "captured a segment of pre-marked SB2s". As such, this brushed rim SB2 actually came from 2015 with the serial number 066. It's unknown if all brushed rim SB2s came from 2015 or if the engraved year varied. I suspect they all came from 2015 and rereleased in 2018.

From the Tom Kuhn website
"We’ve created this special polished SB2 with brushed rims to hide the scratches that are likely to occur, either from hitting the ground or rattling with the change in my pocket. Add 4 grams of weight rings to bolster spin-time. This one travels with me.

We frequently hear that the original SB2 with the highly polished, mirror finish is too awesome to risk scratching so they buy another to beat up. We hear you.. so the new brushed rims are far more forgiving. PLAY!

Same price as the original SB2! This is the yo-yo that started it all! The world’s first aluminum, adjustable string-gap, high-performance ball bearing (size I) yo-yo. But please, don’t be afraid to play with this piece of history. Get one today… and PLAY!!

Happy Yoing

Included Accessories

Velour Yo-Yo Pouch
Rubber Weight Rings
Extra String (5)
Replacement Turbo Disks (4)"

Collected February 27, 2018. Side B of this yo-yo does not have any engraving.

Original retail price: $80 US.
Other Views
Side A, angled, large
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