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Auldey Flame Tiger V
Exhibit #2281
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter59 mm
Width37 mm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The Blazing Teens "Flame Tiger V" from the Chinese toy company Auldey. An innovative design that lets you easily configure the yo-yo for 1A play (bowtie-shaped body for string tricks) or 2A play (traditional shaped body for looping).

The back of the package shows the two possible configurations. To reconfigure the yo-yo, you depress the two orange buttons found on each halve and pull it apart; flip the halves and then click them back into place.

The package also shows a radar graph for the 1A configuration and the 2A configuration. Each graph is intended to help you visualize data points of six characteristics of the yo-yo. You can compare the characteristics to find the yo-yo's best points. So, on each chart, starting at the 12 o'clock position and working in a clockwise direction, the six characteristics are labeled as follows:

-Revolving Time

For the 1A configuration, the best points are Revolving Time and Flexibility; the least favorable points are Speed and Stability.
For the 2A configuration, the best points are Revolving Time, Flexibility, and Strength; the least favorable point is Speed.

It is interesting to note that the exact same yo-yo was also sold in alternate packaging. However, the two radar charts on the package used completely different data points. So, the charts are rather dubious in their design and serve more as visual eye candy.

This yo-yo, among many others that Auldey released, is based on the Chinese animated television series "Blazing Teens" that debuted in China, 2006. The show's premise is yo-yo competitions among youth and schools. Read more about "Blazing Teens" on Wikipedia. There are also some viewable episodes on YouTube.

Bearing size is B and the response system is visible on the yo-yo: a black rubber o-ring on both sides of each halve.
Other Views
Front, large
Close-up, side
Package back

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