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National Product sheet (1969)
Exhibit #2847
OwnerRick Brough

Product sheet from National Yo-Yo and Bo-Lo Co. Ltd. of Toronto, ON. The string pack pictured on the sheet is 2 strings for 10 cents. That places the sheet from about the late 1960s.

Back in the 60s and into the 1970s, what Duncan Yo-Yo was to the United States, National Yo-Yo was to Canada. A significant difference, however, was that the term "yo-yo" was--and still is today--a registered trademark in Canada. During this time period, National was selling primarily wooden yo-yos that were manufactured in Sweden by Elfverson & Co. In 1969, National also introduced their first tin yo-yo known as the Shrieker as seen in this product sheet. It was basically a whistling yo-yo in similar vain to Duncan's tin whistling yo-yos. National had not yet begun selling plastic yo-yos, unlike Duncan.

DOWNLOAD PDF to see the complete product sheet, enlarged.

For an interesting, abbreviated history of Elfverson yo-yos in Canada, see the following website (last accessed on October 5, 2015):

http://www.elfverson.se/trissan/Canada.htm (Unfortunately, the elfverson website is no longer online. However, you can still see archived versions of the website by visiting Internet Archive: Wayback Machine website.

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