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YoYoFactory G.5 - Contest Team (mini)
Exhibit #4326
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeH Shape
ColorBlue/clear (silver)
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
OwnerRick Brough

Miniature yo-yos are nothing new to YoYoFactory. They have released such mini titans in the past like the Mighty Flea and Big Deal (same as the Mighty Flea but hubstacks).

The YoYoFactor G.5 was another addition to their mini line that was essentially a miniaturized version of the popular, high performance YoYoFactory G5 model from 2007. It came complete with working hubstacks that let you pull-start the yo-yo or do matador tricks. It had H-shaped chunky rims just like the full-size G5. The chunky rims kept the yo-yo stable while it was spinning. Unlike the Mighty Flea, you did not need a special, thinner string to play the G.5; it took regular yo-yo string. The G.5 has an aluminum body, take-apart construction, and a size A ball bearing axle. These were originally available from one online store only and were available in an all-black or all-silver version, and a blue/silver YoYoFactory Contest Team version. Released early October 2007.

Original retail price: $70 US.

Condition: 9

Diameter: 44mm
Width: 32mm
Weight: 50gm
Bearing: Size A
Response: Silicone stickers

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Side A, angled, large
Side A, face
Side B, face

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