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YoYoFactory Mighty Flea - debut (mini)
Exhibit #1697
FinishNickel Plated
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
Diameter25.27 mm
Width19.71 mm
Gap Width2.66 mm
Weight56.4 g
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The original, first run, and first release of YoYoFactory's Might Flea from December 2008. There are claims that this yo-yo was first released in 2009, but that is incorrect. I bought and received the yo-yo in this exhibit direct from YoYoFactory before the end of December 2008.

This first release had no identifying marks on either halve's face to indicate the yo-yo's name or its manufacturer like that found on Tom Kuhn SB-2 yo-yos (the gold standard for what to engrave on a yo-yo). Notice, too, that the large, built-up hub area on the face is squared off. A distinguishing feature. In fact, if you are searching for one of these, you know you are looking at a later version -- or second run from 2010 or later -- if it has the name Mighty Flea engraved on one of its faces and/or a cartoon image of a head with large eyes and a bushy mustache on the other halve face. And, the built-up hub area on the face of the 2010 version is flattened and rounded. Also for the 2010 version, YoYoFactory changed the profile of the yo-yo to more of an overall butterfly, hourglass shape. So, buyer beware.

An original, first run, first release of the Mighty Flea came with the blue Bandai/Yomega-THP branded micro clasp, along with the acorn vending capsule, light blue cloth draw string bag, and thin, short string. Use the reference image "Complete contents" to make an informed bid or third-party purchase for this model of yo-yo.

Everything on this yo-yo was custom made for its size -- from the thin, short string, to the response pads, bearing, and axle. As of 2021, you could still find most of the pieces if you needed replacement parts.

The weight for such a tiny yo-yo comes from its nickel-plated brass body. The nickel plating gives it a nice, clean look but also keeps your hands from smelling "metallic" as brass is known to do. Bearing size is .125 inch (inside) x .250 inch (outside) x .100 inch (width).

Of interest...
For nearly 12 years, the Mighty Flea was the smallest, fully functioning ball bearing yo-yo ever put into production. It was, however, de-throned in October 2020. Sturm Panzer, a yo-yo manufacturer based in Japan, released the record breaking SS-001 Mini Panzer. The unresponsive yo-yo has a diminutive diameter of 17.73 mm!

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Other Views
Side, angled, large
Internals, opened micro clasp, and micro clasp attached to yo-yo
Complete contents

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