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YoYoFactory G5 Stealth
Exhibit #2060
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeH Shape
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Diameter56 mm
Width37 mm
Weight62 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the YoYoFactory website:
"The Shape: Inspired by a clean slate and an ambition to push play frontiers, the G5 Concept is the first shape of its kind designed for the purposes of advanced play. And when we say advanced, we mean play that doesn't even exist yet. Don't even try comparing this with other new shape butterfly yo-yos you have seen in recent weeks.

The extreme volumetric profile provides a wide area for more comfortable catch, decreased center mass allowing increased maneuverability. Obviously the rim weighting is outstanding with the added bonus of grind control. Fingers can slot in the inside diameter for finger grinds while palms contact the outside diameter (OD) while the OD glides above with zero friction. The basic profile also welcomes thumb grinding. There is also the potential for new Y-axis grinds never seen before!

The Hub: The G5 features 2 additional beaings securely mounted along the same axis of the main bearing either side of the it. A fixture securely is attached to it the bearing allowing it to be held or balanced on while the yo-yo is spinning allowing you to change the plane/axis of spin. It also allows the yo-yo to be spun with a ripping action rather than a throw. Previous efforts (both commercially producing and home modification) at side mounted bearings in yo-yos have had very little success. The G5 breaks through, bringing new possibilities to more people with a new method of attachment giving unmatched performance.

Weight: 62gm basic 66 with caps and bearings added
Diameter: 55.88mm
Width: 36.83mm
Bearing: G5 Dorothy (.250 x .500 x .187)
Hubstack bearing: CF rated (5mm x 10mm x 4mm) .
All YoYoFactory bearings are stainless steel.
Response: 135-400 recessed Dif Pad, 1-135 flush dif
Finish: 135-400 Silver Matte, 1-135 Black Matte
Materials: Aluminum body, Delrin hubstack"

This model was made in the USA. Shortly afterward, YoYoFactory shipped their manufacturing overseas to China for most of their product line, including subsequent releases of the G5.

A conversion kit was sold separately for the Stealth (not pictured) that included a single long stack (a taller version of the white plastic cylinder you see in the hub area; known as a short stack), and a set of spin top tips. By swapping out the short stack pieces with the tips, you could convert the yo-yo to a spin top. Occasionally you will see these optional kits being sold at auction with the G5, but they did not come with the yo-yo originally.

Original retail price: $90 US.

Collected January 13, 2007
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