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YoYoFactory Big Deal (mini)
Exhibit #3865
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorStainless steel
Diameter25.27 mm
Width27.2 mm
Gap Width2.6 mm
Weight46.2 gm
OwnerRick Brough

On Monday, April 5, 2010, YoYoFactory released the worlds smallest yo-yo (at the time), the Might Flea -- but with custom hub stacks -- to create the Big Deal. Amazing spin time and stability for a yo-yo the size of a US 25¢ coin. To my knowledge, only one run of the Big Deal was ever made. This model is hard to find nowadays. The design was essentially a miniature-ized version of the popular full-size YoYoFactory 888 that also had hubstacks. The logo background on the yo-yo shows three playing cards, left to right: 8 of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds, and 8 of Hearts.

The Big Deal came packaged in an acorn vending capsule. The capsule contained the black velour storage pouch, orange string on the yo-yo and spare green strings. The Complete contents picture with this exhibit shows an extra set of response pads, one extra axle, and one extra bearing, all of which were purchased separately and added to the capsule. The custom made hubstacks on the Big Deal were never made available as a separate item for purchase.

From YoYoFactory.com Blog:
"YoYoFactory is a company founded on innovation. To keep the creative juices flowing we undertake a number of "out-of-the-box" design challenges every year. The final project was the smallest, it was the MIGHTY FLEA.

The original Might Flea made its debut in 2008 as the worlds smallest performance yo-yo. The nickel coated brass body was replaced by a stainless steel body and a tiny bearing made a thin axle essential. To counter the problem YoYoFactory made the axles affordable and available, almost a part that wore out like string, but a solution needed to be found.

The 2010 Mighty Flea was it. Wider body, stronger axle, the 2010 edition made the impossible happen. Also upgraded for the 2010 edition was a custom 'type 4' poly string, and upgrade from the cotton used in 2008."

From the YoYoRewind website:
"YoYoFactory - Big Deal
'That yo-yo makes a comeback with hubstacks! Big Deal is a tiny yo-yo with BIG power.

About the same size as a quarter, you are probably familiar with the diminutive but powerful Mighty Flea. YYF decided to take things even further, introducing hubstacks to the equation, without affecting the overall size of the Flea. Big Deal retains the Flea's tiny size, but you'll be amazed at how it throws tricks like a normal sized yo-yo! Its spinning intensity is especially worthy of mention. The addition of hubstacks gives you another means of getting the tiny yo-yo to spin, aside from throwing it as normal, which is difficult due to its size.

Without being constricted by solely making yo-yos for contests and playing with the boundaries of what is capable, we think the Big Deal is one of those yo-yos that really captures the playful spirit of YoYoFactory.

This kind of power in such a tiny yo-yo makes the Big Deal and its tiny comrades truly unique. Now you have no excuse for not carrying a yo-yo with you at all times. The Big Deal is great for surprising even your yo-yo friends, and is great for pushing your own abilities to the next level."

Weight: 46.2 gm
Body width only: 20.5 mm
Body width with hubstacks: 27.2 mm
Diameter: 25.27 mm
String gap: 2.6 mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Bearing axle and hubstacks: 4×8×3 (size K - Loop720)
Hubstacks: Delrin - custom
String: Polyester, Type 4

Of interest...
The current (as of 2023) smallest, functional production yo-yo in the world is the Sturm Panzer Mini Panzer SS-001.

Original retail price: $80 US

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Complete contents of acorn capsule

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