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Sturm Panzer SS-001DX Mini Panzer (2020)
Exhibit #4308
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorBrass, silver-plated
PackagingPoly Bagged with Card
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
OwnerRick Brough

The limited edition SS-001DX Mini Panzer (2020) Collector Edition by Japanese yo-yo maker Sturm Panzer. This edition of the Mini Panzer featured a high-end silver plating on the brass yo-yo with a silver necklace yo-yo carrier, and all presented in an LED light-up presentation box.

The silver-plated edition used the debut release of the SS-001 Mini Panzer 1 from 2020 as the basis for this collector edition. The batteries in the presentation box used two CR2016 batteries, but there is a risk of damaging the box if you try to replace them. The box light turns on automatically only when the lid is opened.

From the yoyorewind.com website:
"Smaller than a penny?! This full metal yo-yo is among the world's smallest!

This marks the first volley of Sturm Panzer's SS (Side Story) sub-brand. To date, Sturm Panzer has released quite a lineup of unique and powerful concept yo-yos, and the Mini-Panzer 2020 is a diminutive example of their diverse lineup. Imagine if you will, a bind-response metal yo-yo with a diameter smaller than a US 1¢ penny.

Its unique size requires that it use special parts such as an extra thin string, tiny bearing, response pads, and axle. Of course, because of its size, it's an extreme challenge to throw and catch like a normal yo-yo. It's so difficult to play with, there's an included manual to illustrate the special grip you must use.

But of course, a yo-yo this size is more portable than any other yo-yo. You can use the included neck strap to wear it like an accessory and enjoy yo-yoing just about anywhere! The body is made of brass, which is a particularly dense metal, so you may be surprised when you first pick it up, and by its impressive spin when thrown. As a yo-yo pushing the limits of extreme design, the Mini Panzer delivers a completely new experience that might start off with frustration, but quickly turn into fun. After you get the hang of it, you can hit "normal" tricks, and even get inspired to come up with some new ones that were unheard of before.

Will you use it to recreate regular play on a small scale? Or maybe come up with new tricks? Or find completely new ways to throw? With this unique yo-yo, it is all up to you! Play the Mini Panzer 2020 video for some inspiration!

The SS-001DX Mini Panzer 1 (2020) set included the following:
• 1x brass yo-yo, silver-plated
• 1x spare bearing
• 1x spare axle
• 1x axle wrench
• 2x spare response O-ring
• 5x special mini string
• 1x silver necklace yo-yo keeper"

From the maker Sturm Panzer:
"Original Team YoYoJam member, ZhaoYuan Liu (the 'PHENOM yarou') has teamed up with Sturm Panzer to produce the new Sturm Panzer SS sub-brand. SS stands for Side Story.

Separate from the original storybook series, the SS series yo-yos embody the passion and ingenuity of the PHENOM yarou, and to provide novel ways to play to the greater yo-yo community. The first release of the new SS series is this SS-001 Mini Panzer 2020. It was made with the intention of being the world's smallest playable yo-yo, inspired by YoYoJam's Mini Jam. The packaging is also inspired by the design of YoYoJam's packaging circa 2001, a nod to our roots."

Diameter: 17.5mm
Width: 16.3mm
Weight: 21.5gm
Material: Brass, silver-plated
String: Sturm Panzer specialized thin type
Bearing: NSK MR52 flat ball bearing
Axle: M2 x 10mm
Response: O-rings

Released July 2021.

Original retail price: $190 US

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