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Goody Retail display box
Exhibit #3906
OwnerRick Brough

Retail display box for Goody Rainbow (Model 2500) yo-yos. While the copyright on the box says 1936, this box design was likely used into the early 1940s, and perhaps into the 1950s. The box held one dozen "Rainbox" models for 60¢ each. These retail yo-yo boxes were often positioned on a store's counter top, near their cash registers. The box sides don't offer much more information beyond explaining to the retailer where to display the box and how to set it up for display.
The Rainbow was Goody's most expensive model you could buy.

Of interest...
The Goody Rainbow was reproduced -- sans the gold stripe -- in 2000.
Other Views
Box top, large
Box front panel, large
Box back panel, large
Box left and right panels, large

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