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Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top Club membership card
Exhibit #3904
OwnerRick Brough

Official Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top Club membership card from the very early 1960s. Opposite side is blank.

These cards were most likely given away by a Duncan Yo-Yo demonstrator to kids and spectators at contests and demonstrations.

Apparently, you were not truly an official Duncan yo-yo return top club member until you filled out and mailed the portion to the left of the card that you signed and kept. From the 1950s and into the very early 1980s these kinds of official club cards were popular among children. They would find out about a particular club from children's television shows, radio shows, food products, and toys.

The address printed on the card (2640 N. Greenview Ave. Chicago 22, ILL.) is the same address found on the back of the Duncan Egyptian Fibre Super-Cord 3 strings for 10¢ pack. That string pack has a yo-yo offer that expired December 31, 1959. So, this club card is likely from around 1958 to about 1962.

It's unknown what kind of perks you received for being a club member. One thing was for sure though: you had to have the card with you at all [Duncan?] Yo-Yo Contests.

See also Duncan Official Membership Card from the early 1960s and the Frankie Smith Yo-Yo Champ Fan Club exhibits. CHEERIO CLUB TOO
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Card front, large

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