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Duncan Mickey Mouse Club - No. 1451, v. 1
Exhibit #3626
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingPoly Bagged with Card
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter52 mm
Width28 mm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan Official Mickey Mouse Club Yo-Yo Return top. No. 1451, version 1. Originally sold for 59 cents. "If it isn't Duncan it isn't yo-yo". Catch phrase was changed from "If it isn't a Duncan, it isn't a yo-yo".

This version is very hard to find compared to version 2a and version 2b. On side A, the yo-yo has "Mickey Mouse Club" with a single large face of Mickey Mouse below the words. Side B has a colorful starburst design radiating from the center, with the words ""MICKEY MOUSE CLUB DUNCAN YO-YO RETURN TOP".

Compare with version 2a which has a different side A design and different side B text.

At the end of Duncan's fiscal year, May 31, 1963—which also marked the annual conclusion of their promotions for the season until Fall—Duncan switched from using polybags (as seen in this exhibit) to using blister cards (also known as bubble cards) for their product. A blister carded version of this Duncan Imperial Jr. yo-yo was released in the Fall of 1963.

Besides the move to bubble cards, May 1963 also marks the time that Duncan began to switch from using alphanumeric and two- and three-digit stock codes to using all four-digit stock codes. Knowing this information can help you date early to mid-1960s Duncan yo-yo products.
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