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Duncan Blue Flying Eagle Champion, ver. 1
Exhibit #2990
Size205 mm tall
Width180 mm
OwnerRick Brough

The blue Duncan chenille Flying Eagle Champion patch from the 1950s. This patch design also goes by "Duncan Large Eagle" or "Duncan Giant Eagle".

Sometimes mistaken for velvet, this large patch design (approximately 18 cm wide X 20 cm tall) was made from chenille. Chenille is a type of yarn that when woven, produces a fabric that is also known as chenille. Although sometimes woven into a cloth that resembles the look of velvet, chenille in fact, is very different. Chenille is the French word meaning ‘caterpillar’ and this soft fuzzy yarn has a hairy caterpillar-like appearance. Ultimately, velvet and chenille are two different types of fabric, constructed in entirely different ways, but often producing a similar look.

This patch design was awarded both at city level contests (made up of boy and girl winners from yo-yo contests held at playgrounds or school yards around the town) and at regional contests (made up of boy and girl winners from yo-yo contests held at various cities in the region). Earning this patch was quite an accomplishment for a young boy and girl. It's not clear whether these patches were presented to male contest winners, already sewn onto a sweater. Or, if they were given a sweater along with the patch, separately. (see article below from 1952).

Hard to find.

Since the early 1950s, the Duncan Flying Eagle Champion patch has been released in the following six versions:

Blue Flying Eagle Champion, version 1
Blue Flying Eagle Champion, version 2
Blue Flying Eagle Champion, version 3

Black Flying Eagle Champion, version 1
Black Flying Eagle Champion, version 2
Black Flying Eagle Champion, version 3

* * *

Lodi News-Sentinel - February 20, 1952
Lodi Boys, Girls Invited To Enter Yo-Yo Contests

"Lodi youngsters with supple fingers are being urged to begin practicing for the yo-yo contests leading to a city championship which start here Friday.

A chenile shield goes with the city title. Boys and girls who were under 16 years of age as of Jan. 21 are eligible to compete.

Elimination contests will be held at Needham, George Washington, and Lincoln playgrounds on Friday, and Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

Emblem awards will be presented to first, second, and third place winners in the nine contests.

Eighteen 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, nine boys and nine girls, will strive for championships of their playgrounds on Friday, Feb. 29.

A boy and girl champion from each playground will vie for the city title on March 1 at a place to be announced later.

Boy playground champions will receive sweaters. Girl winners receive gold charm yo-yo's.

Contest times will be announced to children by their playground directors. Ralph Wetmore and Robert Tamblin are in charge of Needham contests; Bill Cencirulo will direct activites at George Washington; and Judy Reggelbregge will preside at Lincoln.

Recreation Director Ed DeBenedetti will appoint other judges to assist him in the playground finals and city championship contest. Playground contestants will be judged by the directors."

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