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Cheerio Four Cheerio Champs (1948)
Exhibit #2297
OwnerRick Brough

A photograph of four Cheerio champions from the evening edition of the New York Daily News, 1948. The Cheerio demonstrator on the far left is Frank Young. Frank was a 1938 runner-up at a Cheerio yo-yo contest in Vancouver, British Columbia; the 1939 provincial Cheerio yo-yo champion in Saskatchewan, Manitoba; player in the 1940 Cheerio World Yo-Yo Championship in Toronto, Ontario. The names of the other three players are unknown.

The two players in the middle are each sporting a Cheerio District Champion patch sewn onto sleeveless sweaters. The player on the left is also wearing a sleeveless sweater but has a Cheerio Champion patch in the shape of a maple leaf sewn onto the front. The sweater/patch combination was typically how it was awarded to winners; they were not given a patch exclusively. The player on the far right is wearing an "I'm a Cheerio Champion" patch hat. The female player is also wearing a Cheerio hat but it is barely visible. All players are using Cheerio brand yo-yos, of course.

You can see all the patches in this exhibit--including the hat--in this museum!
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