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Cheerio Four Cheerio Champs - 1948
Exhibit #2297
OwnerRick Brough

A photograph of four Cheerio champions from the evening edition of the New York Daily News. Photograph taken April 15, 1948 by Bernie Aumuller. The Cheerio demonstrator on the far left is Frank Young. Frank was a 1938 runner-up at a Cheerio yo-yo contest in Vancouver, British Columbia, the 1939 provincial Cheerio yo-yo champion in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and a player contestant in the 1940 Cheerio World Yo-Yo Championship in Toronto, Ontario. The names of the other three players are not known.

The two players in the middle are each sporting a Cheerio District Champion patch sewn onto sleeveless sweaters. The player on the left is also wearing a sleeveless sweater but has a Cheerio Winner maple leaf patch with three small blue stars embroidered into the design, sewn onto the front. The sweater/patch combination was typically how it was awarded to winners; they were not given a patch exclusively. The player on the far right is wearing a I'm a Cheerio Champion patch hat. The female player is also wearing a Cheerio hat but it is barely visible. All players are using Cheerio brand yo-yos, of course.
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Indianapolis newspaper article on Frank Young, September 1957

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