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Area 51 YoYo Club Area 51 YoYo Club patch
Exhibit #3433
Width76 mm
OwnerRick Brough

Area 51 YoYo Club began January 10, 2000 at the height of the yo-yo boom from 1998-2001. The club was formed using Yahoo Groups and had 323 members. Its purpose was to serve as a place for yo-yo collectors around the world to meet online and chat about their collections, ask questions, and do yo-yo trading. The message dashboard gave a very interesting and unique look into the rise and fall of yo-yo play. A table on the group's home page provided a quick, visual breakdown of the number of posts for a given month in a given year. Unfortunately, the table was taken offline December 14, 2019; you can no longer create posts or view any archive of posts over the years. The club itself was pretty much defunct by around 2003-2004. The site saw very little activity in the way of posts for more than 15 years. However, the posts from previous years were enjoyable, historical information to read. It was a glimpse into what was popular and valuable in yo-yo collecting at the time.

Besides the patch in this exhibit, the folks who ran the Area 51 group worked with yo-yo makers such as BC/What's Next to release some unique, collectable yo-yos. You can see some of those yo-yo in the museum by using the Name/Model field to search on Area 51.

The remains of the Area 51 YoYo Club. Last access March 10, 2020.
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Patch front, large
Patch back, large

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