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Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 4 (SB-4 SB4)
Exhibit #1698
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Diameter56.9 mm
Width43 mm
Gap Width4.25 mm
Weight66 g
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The latest innovation from Tom Kuhn, released 2014. Yo-yo is configurable for either responsive play (you tug on the yo-yo to return it to your hand) or non-responsive play (you create a string bind to return the yo-yo).

Machined out of specialty aircraft aluminum by CYYC (Chico Yo-Yo Company).

At the time, the Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos website claimed that 50 were made of this model. However, I have seen serial numbers 64 and 69 of this yo-yo. As such, an actual production number for the SB-4 is considered unknown.

Of interest...
The successor to this yo-yo was supposed to be the Tom Kuhn SB-4 Cobalt Mandala. Preorders for the blue yo-yo began March 12, 2015 directly from the Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-Yos website. Customers were informed that the yo-yo would ship in mid July, 2015. That date came and went with no release. In September 2015, I talked directly to Tom Kuhn himself about the yo-yo. He informed me that not only did the yo-yo not ship, but the entire project was cancelled due to a combination of low interest and low number of pre-orders. Several years later, this same information was verified by a source at Chico Yo-Yo Company, maker of the SB-4 (and what would have been the SB-4 Cobalt Mandala). The CYYC source also informed me that there were no "extras" of the model that exist.

In the Other Views box of this exhibit, see the image Original SB-4 Cobalt email announcement.

Original Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet series:
Silver Bullet (SB-1) - 1984
Turbo-Yo (SB-2 prototype) - 1990
Silver Bullet 2 (SB-2) - 1990 in Tortoise shell and in Polished aluminum
Silver Bullet 3 (SB-3) - 2012
Silver Bullet Series limited box set 4 (contains SB-1, SB-2, and SB-3)
Silver Bullet 4 (SB-4) - 2014

Original retail price: $145 US.
Other Views
Original SB-4 Cobalt email announcement

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