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SF YoYos Doorknob
Exhibit #3554
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter55 mm
Width49 mm
Weight63 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Doorknob (AKA "DK" or "KNÖB") from September 12, 2018 was a cross colaboration model between three companies: A Return Tops (A-RT) out of Alberta for design (I think), San Francisco Yo-Yos (SFYoYos) out of California for manufacturing and–for this version only–Unknown out of California for a tiny graphic that instantly added ten more dollars to the retail price. Unknown is an obscure yo-yo clothing and accessories company by six time 4A U.S. National Yo-Yo Champion Bryan Figueroa.

The aluminum yo-yo has body halves that have a profile similar to that of a doorknob. Came with a half spec bearing, a full spec bearing, cloth bag, and an Ikea-esque brochure.

Description from the SFYoYos website:
"You come to a door. You don’t know whats on the other side. You open the door.
It's that feeling all the time.

September 11, 2018 blog post from the SFYoYos website sort of explaining how the Doorknob came to be:

"Sometime about 10 months ago I was excited about a yoyo release. When you make yoyos, I think it makes it harder to get excited about yoyo releases… so this isn't really all that common for me. When we made the SK with One Drop there was this goofy huge yoyo there that was just different. I knew I had to make the drop or I'd miss out which is not a role reversal I'm very used to so I set a phone alarm that morning and forgot.

It went off that night and I was kind of busy but stopped what I was doing to go to a-rt.ca and load their products page. 420s dropped, I added one to my cart and entered all my information, went to PayPal, and completed checkout. Got one, nice.

A bit later that night, I went to PayPal to ship a yoyo and saw the charge there on the SF account and all the shipping information presented being mine.


Fast forward a few months and I don't think that could have panned out better. Working with Jensen and Charles [at a-rt.ca] was extremely fun and I think we made something together that'll make you happy. If it doesn't, it'll at least be nice for playing catch with your friends so you won't have to do that by yourself anymore."

Original retail price: $110 US ($100 for regular editions).
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