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YoYoFactory Skyline 2019 (mini)
Exhibit #4019
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter50 mm
Width40 mm
Gap Width4.55 mm
Weight64 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the yoyorewind.com website:
"A classic member of the Premium Lineup gets a new life.

YoYoFactory first earned its name through models like the G5 and the 888, which combined high performance full metal yo-yos with the new "hubstacks" of the day. In 2007, Yuuki Spencer became world champion using the 888. In celebration, YYF took those high end models and combined them to create the original Skyline. At the time it was released, very few models were sent to Japan, but the Skyline still made a name for itself over time. Although it never exploded in popularity, the Skyline enjoyed a long run, lasting well into 2011 before it went out of production.

This 2019 edition is almost unchanged from the original Skyline. It has the size of an 888 with the H-profile of the G5. It has a slightly lower edge than before, but the rest: size, shape, specs and parts, are all the same as before. It has the sense of lightness and sharp playfeel of the original Skyline, but with improved stability. For those who know the earlier Skyline, you'll be pleased by the sensation of catching the hubstacks.

For power and long sleeps, you might find the Skyline a little on the lighter side, as it's an older design of an undersized monometal throw, but for carrying around and practicing your intricate string tricks, there's no denying that the Skyline is still an excellent throw after all these years. We especially recommend the Skyline for casual play and exploration, a counterpoint to the yo-yos fighting for space on the contest stage. Thanks to its size and hubstacks, it also makes an excellent choice for developing new hubstack tricks as well.

Official description
Oh boy.

The Skyline was created in 2018 as a retail partner for the 888. If you liked the 888 you would LOVE the skyline. With the upcoming release of the titanium OG 888 Forever we wanted to bring the fun of Hubstacks back for everyone and we saw Skyline as the perfect vehicle. We modernized it, its a bit bigger, Kinda looks like a superstar?! It is tons and tons of fun.

Check it out!"

Designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

Came in black, light blue, medium blue, red, and gold (seen in this exhibit).

Diameter: 50.40 mm
Width: 40.40 mm
Gap width: 4.55 mm
Weight: 64.27 gm
Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm slim pad
Material: 6061 aluminum

Release November 29, 2019.

Original retail price: $40 US.

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