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YoYoFactory OG 888 Forever titanium (mini)
Exhibit #4020
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorRaw brushed titanium
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter50 mm
Width41 mm
Weight63 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The YoYoFactory OG 888 Forever was an indiegogo.com campaign from the summer of 2019.

The campaign's goal was $10,000. That goal was exceeded by 347% for a total of $34,787 US from 226 backers.

From the YoYoFactory 888 forever Yo-Yo campaign website on Indiegogo:

"The most influential modern yo-yo re-imagined in titanium to create the ULTIMATE performance yo-yo.

For the player, collector or just someone looking for something very cool.

YoYo's are one of the oldest Toys in the World

Few yo-yos have had as much impact as 888

In 2007 YoYoFactory released the first 888. There was an immediate 'Woah' momment for everyone who tried it. From this point forward metal yo-yos were no longer a gimmick or novelty. They were the standard. From this an industry was born crafting boutique yoyos still largely using the formula that made the 888. A sold metal bearing seat as part of the body and a 19mm recess for response. If you own a modern yoyo there is a pretty good chance some of the original DNA from the 888 is in it.

We are YoYoFactory!
We started as yo-yo players, then professional demonstrators and after that we decided to make yo-yo easier by making better yo-yos. We have been doing it since 2004.

Over 10 USA titles have been won on our yoyos

More importantly, millions of kids around the world have found joy in learning the art of yo-yo.

We make a lot of yo-yos for selfish reasons too. Namely we want these yo-yos to exist. We want to play with them! Luckily for us there are enough like minded people out there and we get to keep making more of them.

This campaign celebrates the 888 and its legacy by creating the ultimate 888 to last many decades into the future. This wont just be a yo-yo but it will be THE yo-yo you want to keep and pass on to your kids when they find yo-yo in their lifes.

What We Need & What You Get

What we need is you to tell us 'no guys you arent crazy, this is a great idea, so much so, we want one too'!

The campagin is built arount the Titanium 888 but we are going to offer some other unique items with it too.

This campaign will only happen if we reach our goal.

The Impact
We want to create something of heirloom quality. Something that will stand the test of time and that will have an alure that brings you back to playing with it again and again. This is going to be something special.

This isnt our first Indiegogo rodeo. We revived interests in Titanium YoYos in 2015 with the Titanium DREAM project and also funded an amazing Adventure to Peru in 2017. We fulfilled almost all our obligations and delivered almost all the perks. I say almost because one postcard didnt make it to a backer from Peru and one customer who ordered custom wood yoyos still wont give us an address (we still have your yo-yos!).

Risks & Challenges
There are always risks when making a new yo-yo and we definately have the experiance to overcome these. In design we are confident of a winner before even metal is cut but we will still go through as many rounds of prototyping as is required to get the yo-yo we want.

Titanium is difficult to work with it requires experienced opperators and an attention to detail as the tool cutting the material wears with use. There will be rejects and in our plan, we will work with the machinist to purchase not only the good yoyos, but we will also purchase anything that doesnt meet the highest standard. This was something that actully was essential in the creation of 888. The B-Grade.

For the first time, we will offer B-Grade yo-yos at a discounted price along side the A-Grade finished product. YoYoFactory pioneered this concept ironically with the 888 offering anything below standard at a big discount to those who have a different value for a yo-yo and ultimately want something they can play with in a more care free way. As our customers will tell you, standards are still pretty high on a B-grade!

This will allow us to only deliver the best to those looking for the best.

Other Ways You Can Help
So we need some help, Lets blow this up. We need to to spread the word, today and tomorrow, share this with your friends and lets see if we can make this a reality!

If the yo-yo gets funded AWESOME! If it goes bigger, we like to share back to the backers SO we are offering a number of stated STRETCH goals.

These goals basically allow us to share any savings we have through making more with the backers who make it happen.

$10,000 Hey we are backed! We get to make prototypes and go into production!

There is a prototype perk available but we will also randomly select one backer to get a prototype to test also!

The next targets are based on pieces sold.

At 40 Pieces we include a 10 pack of KNOT BAD string, which is actually not bad at all.

60 pieces Unlock B-Grade option.

At 60 pieces we will make available B-Grades to backers allowing them to pick up a second Not Quite as Perfect version that they might want to spark or play with recklessly. This will be limited in numbers based on a projection and additional B-grades will be added over the campaign as total sales increases.

At 80 Pieces a set of at least 3 colors of hubstack will be included with every 'stretch eligle' 888 allowing you to switch up the look and style of your 888 FOREVER.

100 pieces: 2nd color option (BLUE) will be made available. Everyone who purchases before and after this will get a choice to choose their color preference.

At this stage (prototype, OG (Original), GR (General Release), Blue, and B-Grade mean 5 options are available)

120 pieces: Unlock TEAM edition Blue/silver half half colorway and lazer mark. Everyone who purchases before and after this will get a choice to choose their color preference. (6th option) + all yoyos will ship with addition 'HUBSTACK' yoyo hubstacks as another performance option.

140 pieces Now we get to spend some money! Every Ti 888 (including B-grade and non stretch eligible) will come in a padded storage case custom made for this project!

160 Unlock POLISHED finish option with 2008 artwork. (7th option)

180 Parts for the next generation. Space CT bearing, spare pads, spare O-rings. NUBS. Parts you might not need but your kids might.

At 200 we will include a new never released PLASTIC hubstack yoyo with all stretch eligible Ti 888 forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SPECS of the 888 Forever?
• Diameter: 50.4 mm
• Width: 40.9 mm
• Weight: 63.4 gm
• Axle: 4 mm x 20 mm
• Response: Hand poured silicone
• Material: Titanium - brushed

Isn't this design out of date?
Smaller yo-yos are not currently in vogue with contest winning players but for the mere mortal they make technical tricks easier, fit in the pocket better and feel amazing when you do tricks. Some could argue they make things more fun and that's the aim isn't it?

I’m sure I’m missing something but whats the difference between GR and OG?
OG (Original) will have the 1st run art (no YYF premium lazer mark) and we will be hand pouring silicone response like all the early 888.

What will this decal on the prototype look like?
The original Prototype 888 from 2007 had a simple black decal. we will reproduce that look."


The YoYoFactory OG 888 Forever yo-yo seen in this exhibit was delivered Friday, November 29, 2019 after a 4 month wait. Supposedly, 95 of this model was made for the campaign. Original campaign price was $200 US.

Beside the OG 888 Forever model, there was a GR (General Release) 888 Forever model of which 19 out of the 200 were claimed. The only difference between the GR and OG models was that the GR model came with installed response pads and the addition of the YYF premium lazer mark that was added to the second run of 888s back in 2007. Confusing? Yes, it is.

An optional add-on was a set of tall hub stacks and top tips that were originally machined out of Delrin in 2007. The hub stacks and top tips could be used on the titanium 888 models.

When the campaign was over, this yo-yo retailed at web stores for $300 US.

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