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Cheerio Silver Award, v. 2
Exhibit #4004
Size54 mm
OwnerRick Brough

A two-color Cheerio Yo-Yo silver or second place award patch.

White embroidery stitching on heavy blue felt. It's fairly uncommon to find Cheerio felt patches that have been cleaned or washed, especially if they were sewn onto a shirt or jacket. The main reason was because the felt portion was not colorfast. As such, these vintage felt patches are often in very good condition. Note also that Cheerio did not use a mesh backing cloth to add structure and resiliency to this patch. This patch is likely from the U.S., post-1954. If it was from Canada, it would have "Yo-Yo" embroidered on it.

The shape of this patch is similar to the Cheerio District Champion patch, just on a reduced scale.

In 1954, Duncan bought out the Cheerio brand in the U.S. but did not promote the product line. As such, by the early to mid 1960s, the Cheerio Yo-Yo brand disappeared from the United States.

See these other Cheerio silver award patch variations:
18 trick SilverAward, silver embroidery stitching on blue felt
99 Silver Award, red and white embroidery stitching on blue felt
Silver Award, version 1, white embroidery stitching on blue felt (front) and black felt (back)
Silver Award, version 2, white embroidery stitching on blue felt
Other Views
Patch front, large
Patch back, large

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