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Cheerio Yo-Yo Instructor flying eagle
Exhibit #3975
Size178 mm tall
Width149 mm wid
OwnerRick Brough

The Cheerio Yo-Yo Instructor patch is among the largest yo-yo patches ever released. The overall shape and size of this patch along with the flying eagle motif, color combinations, and position of Cheerio in the design competed with Duncan's own blue Flying Eagle Champion patch design. Clearly it was an effort by Cheerio to draw the attention of kids by having a nearly identical patch design. After Duncan bought Cheerio in 1954, the Cheerio brand continued to use the flying eagle motif on other patch designs.

Just like the Duncan Flying Eagle patches from the same time period (see the Black Flying Eagle Champion and the Blue Flying Eagle Champion), this instructor patch is made from chenille which is often mistaken for velour. Although sometimes woven into a cloth that resembles the look of velvet, chenille in fact, is quite different. Chenille is the French word meaning caterpillar and this soft fuzzy yarn has a hairy caterpillar-like appearance. Ultimately, velvet and chenille are two different types of fabric, constructed in entirely different ways, but often producing a similar look.

An instructor patch such as this one were worn by Cheerio yo-yo demonstrators on the chest of a v-neck pullover sweater or over the left breast pocket of a sport coat. They were often earned by the demonstrator for successfully completing a wide variety of fixed axle string tricks.
Other Views
Patch front, large
Patch back, large

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