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Alchemy CU (mini)
Exhibit #3947
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseResponse Sticker
Gap Width3.3mm
Weight61 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The CU is from the short-lived (less than a year) Alchemy Yo-Yos. The model is 38mm diameter, making it equal in diameter to the Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket. At the time, it was the smallest performance yo-yo on the market. The yo-yo is rim-weighted in a butterfly configuration and made entirely out of stainless steel. Because there is no protrusion in the center of the hub area, it is possible to do thumb grinds with this yo-yo. Its 66 gram weight puts it on par with most full size yo-yos. Uses a size A ball bearing axle. On one side of the CU is the image of a human eye. Came with a linen pouch, extra string, and a small mesh tin to hold all the contents.

Original retail price: $63 US

* * *

Of interest...
Alchemy Yo-Yos, started in 2007, was not so much a yo-yo manufacturer as it was a personal project started by three individuals: Eric Wolff, Rob Tsou, and Jaco Greeff. While it's not clear exactly who designed the CU in this exhibit, master yo-yo modder and yo-yo creator Eric Wolff designed only one yo-yo during his time on the Alchemy project: the Silk made out of Delrin.

According to their now defunct website, "AlchemyYoYos is a research and development project to create unique and creative yo-yos and accessories to fill needs that modern players might not even know exist. Our designs are created by some of the best and most original modders and designers who wish to bring their ideas to players around the world. We hope we can expand on what you already do."

Their website was broken down into the following labeled categories:

The building blocks of all matter. [These were the only models they ever listed under Elements, even though they made two other models.]
• The CU
• The Silk
• The Nimbus
• The cuLater

These are bits that add functionality to your yo-yo in ways that it was never designed from the factory.
• FHZ Thumb Grind Weight Rings
• FHZ Flush Rings
• FHZ Stack Converter Kit
• Aquarius Rings

Items that change the properties of your yo-yo, and hence how it plays. These are designed for tuning your yo-yo to the play you want.
• Merc Bearings
• Merc Shims
• Vapor Stickers
• Vapor Rings
• Marsh Stickers
• Red Silicone O-Rings
• BeefCake Bearings

• Eric Wolff
• Rob Tsou
• Jaco Greeff

• T-Shirts

Retail stores:
• A2Z Science and Learning Store (USA)
• Lofty Pursuits (USA)
• Bird in Hand

Online mail order stores:
• Gyroscope (RU)
• Infinite Illusions (USA)
• Lets Have Fun (UK)
• SpinGear (Japan)
• Wonderful Yo-Yo World (TW)
• YoBoy (Australia)

http://alchemyyoyos.blogspot.com/ (last accessed December 04, 2021)

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Of interest...
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