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Cheerio Retail display box
Exhibit #3679
OwnerRick Brough

Cheerio-branded yo-yo display box. While the trade mark copyright on the box says 1947, this box is likely from the early to mid 1950s. The box held six "Official Champion Cheerios" and was often positioned on a store's counter top, near a cash register. The outward, visible portion of the display box makes no mention of any specific model that was inside the box. Whatever it was, it cost 59¢. Sometimes, however, the pre-printed price was labeled over with a different price that was inline with the model that was sold out of the box. Some of these boxes included Cheerio brand models, while some included Hi-Ker brand models. It's unknown how it was decided what yo-yo model went into the box. The only thing known for sure is that it didn't contain Duncan yo-yos.

The bottom of the box held instructions–in English, French, and Spanish–for the Cheerio dealer or the vendor that was selling the yo-yos. The text and pictures encouraged them to increase their sales and goodwill by showing customers how to replace a worn string on their yo-yo with a genuine Cheerio string. The string packs were often placed behind the counter so a customer had to ask for them. Note that the instructions mention "99". The Cheerio "99" was a very popular model and suggests that it may have been the yo-yo that was inside this box. Note also the use of both a boy and girl image on the top panel doing two-handed play.

The inner side flaps on the box showed customers all the various awards they could win including the following:
• Girls or Boys Cheerio Championship Shield trophy
• "I'm a Cheerio Champion" hat
• Silver Crest Award patch
• Bronze Crest Award patch
• Maple Leaf Cheerio Winner patch
• Pro Cheerio Champ sweater crest patch
Other Views
Box top, large
Inner side flaps, left and right
Front and back vertical panels
Box bottom

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