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Cheerio Championship shield Trophy - District Champion
Exhibit #3627
Size36 cm tall
Width25 cm wide
Gap Width19 mm thic
OwnerRick Brough

Championship Cheerio Trophy, Cheerio Tournament District Champion, likely from the early to mid 1950s. This award plaque came from Cheerio in the U.S.A. as opposed to Cheerio in Canada. The trophy is made from a solid piece of wood (type unknown), cut in the shape of a plaque, and finished with a Dupont edge and a very light gloss clear coat. Overall, the plaque is 35.56 cm tall, 25.4 cm wide, and 19 mm thick. The cast metal, one-piece design mounted on the wood makes the trophy quite heavy (3.3 pounds). It appears that the red, white, and blue colors around the yo-yo were applied after the metal design was attached to the wood. The eagle with spread wings–standing on the yo-yo–was a motif also used by Cheerio on their Champion Eagle Medallion yo-yo.

A district level yo-yo contest typically comprised all yo-yo winners from contests held in surrounding smaller towns, or from playgrounds or schools in the area. As such, it was quite an accomplishment for a young boy or girl to achieve district champion at this competitive level.

Other variations of this plaque exist. The earliest known versions are from Cheerio Canada and have an identical wood plaque, but the text in the middle area is cast with District Finals and Dominion of Canada. Some versions have the cast metal yo-yo only, some have the yo-yo with the eagle with spread wings sitting on the yo-yo (as seen in this exhibit); some have no painted colors behind the yo-yo, some have blue and red, and some have red, white, and blue (as seen in this exhibit). Still, early versions of this trophy have "GIRLS" or "BOYS" cast in the ribbon-like area at the bottom of the metal design. The version in this exhibit was not cast with either GIRLS or BOYS, likely saving Cheerio from the expense of having to create a sex-specific trophy. It also suggests that the trophy is more likely from near the mid 1950s. Some early versions also have a small brass shield nailed to the lower bottom of the plaque. The shield served as a place on the trophy for the contest winner to have their name custom engraved.

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Other Views
Front, large
Close-up of cast metal
Back, large

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