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YJ YoYo Paranoia
Exhibit #3666
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter60 mm
Width34 mm
Weight52 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the yoyorewind website:
"Official Description
Korea 3 times national 2A champion & owner of YJyoyoclub Yoon Jong Ki's signature yoyo

This yoyo will bring you to new generation of looping tricks. Paranoia is optimized in long wrap combos thanks to its special spacers can make the yoyo durable and stable during looping tricks."

From the spingear website:
"Looping yoyo produced by YJYOYO, the largest yoyo shop in Korea. It is a signature model of Korean 2A player Yoon Jong-gi.

It was PARANOIA which was released by PC resin before, but changed to POM resin and it re-appeared.

The body made of POM is a model of the unique concept that the starburst part is replaceable.

※ Due to the characteristics of POM material, the cap printing is very easy to disappear. Although there may be a longing to the logo from the beginning, it becomes a product specification. Please note.

1) CNC machined body.
The machined body is extremely accurate, and the other performance required for loop models, sleep performance has been enhanced to the utmost.

2) Replaceable star.
The biggest feature is that the starburst part is replaceable. Because it is very durable, it is not a replacement like a pad like a pad, but a rule (a few months) replacement is a standard such that a regular loop model star will not be used.

The cost of installation is high, but running parts can be reduced in the long run because the expendable parts are replacement parts, and it is possible to avoid the trouble and risk of setting up a new yo-yo and having trouble So it may be said that Loop Yo-Yo is one answer.

3) Rigid structure.
The sense of stiffness, which is often said in 2A, is low,

The feeling of use by default is very good, and it has the potential for immediate launch without adjustment.

4) The shaft is long and a lock nut is adopted, so it is difficult to disassemble.
The performance of the looping model has been improved, and the speed of the technique has been increased, so the screw is loosened when it is hit at high speed due to the structure that the screw is tightened. Also, disassembling at the competition may be disqualified and is an accident that should not occur for the athletes. In order not to do so, a nylon nut (lock nut) that does not easily loosen screws is adopted, and the length of the screw part is a custom-made shaft longer than usual.

The same oil maintenance as the traditional 2A yo-yo is recommended, and the strings are recommended for K-string FAT.

For maintenance, etc., a video link is provided in the enclosed manual, and it is possible to see the detailed usage."

Original retail price: $50 US.
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