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Hummingbird Oh!Zone Paddleball
Exhibit #361
FinishClear Coat
ColorLime & Natural Wood
PackagingBubble Carded
Size11" by 5.75"
Estimated Value$25
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerDavid Hall

Hummingbird made a number of high quality paddleballs. Oversized and thick paddles, with replaceable rubber strings. The paddles were laminated plywood, 3/8" thick and 11 inches long. Even tools for re-stringing new rubber balls.

Pictured here is a later Oh!Zone Paddle. Notice the paddle itself is natural finished wood, but a large sticker covers the front surface. Neon paint easily cracked and chipped, which was a problem with painted neon items.

Other Examples
Oh!Zone Paddleball
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