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Hubless YoYo Bite Size - Kermit's Demise (holes)
Exhibit #3607
ColorGreen and black
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseFlow Groove
Diameter57 mm
Width42 mm
Weight70 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the Hubless YoYo website:

"Creating a smaller, faster version of our [2017] Doughnut yoyo (see Good Morning, Bob and Chocolate Glazed) was the goal with the Bite Size. We wanted a yoyo that was capable of all the advanced tricks a player could perform and look right at home in a doughnut store.

To start, we kept one thing the same: both The Doughnut and Bite Size are hubless. The Bite Size has no center hub, one half screws into the other. This design element allows us to retain the see-through look. It changes after that as the Bite Size, made of 6061 aluminum, is designed to modern specifications starting with a diameter of 57 millimeters and a width of 42. The modified H Shape creates a large string gap that gives you plenty of space to land your string. Plus, we attached that string to a Dif-e-yo KonKave size C bearing for speed and stability. Lastly, we worked in a finger spin cup, because who doesn’t want to spin a doughnut on their finger!

The Bite Size is a whole new doughnut.

Please Note: Laser engraving leaves a rough surface; some of our colorways (TS Goldflow, Black and Blue All Over, and Tiger or Clownfish?) have a thick anodized finish that may be rough; lastly, this yoyo may have small production scratches due to milling. These are expected cosmetic variations and all yoyo's are inspected for quality before sale."

The name of this yo-yo's colorway (green with fine swirled dark purple) is Kermit's Demise (website sub-titled it "He went really beautifully). Hubless YoYo held a naming contest for the colorway through their Instagram account. On December 18, 2018 the winning name was announced based on the most popular vote. Anodized by Gruntbull Anodizing. Yo-yo was designed and made entirely in the USA.

Original retail price: $60 US.

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