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BC/What's Next Spitfire - No. 102
Exhibit #3597
ColorRed face, black inner walls
PackagingBubble Carded
ConstructionThree piece wood
Diameter56 mm
Width35 mm
Weight51 gm
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

The BC/What's Next Spitfire, No. 102 was a fixed axle, all wood yo-yo made especially for looping. Red face with a black stripe on the inner walls and partial outside diameter of the rim area. A fire-breathing dragon was part of the new logo for the No. 102 version.

The Spitfire was reminiscent of the popular plastic Jack Russell Coke yo-yo that had a wooden axle, a raised face, and semi-flat rims -- a favorite looping yo-yo of 1996 World Yo-Yo Champion Dale Myrberg. Dale helped Brad Countryman of BC/What's Next make the Spitfire design come to fruition.

This version of the Spitfire was released about 2003-2004 and was the last Spitfire model released by BC/What's Next before going out of business. Its very limited release -- for unknown reasons -- has made it quite hard to find now (2021).

See also these other Spitfire variations:

Spitfire No. 102 with orange face and red inner wall.
Spitfire No. 102 with red face and black inner walls.
Spitfire No. 102 with black face and red inner walls.
Spitfire No. 101 with red face and black inner walls.

Original retail price: $5 US.
Other Views
Close-up of face
Card back, large

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