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Yomega Brain yo-yo holster
Exhibit #3492
OwnerRick Brough

An original–and hard to find–Yomega Brain-branded yo-yo holster. A single yo-yo carrier made out of genuine leather that you can thread onto your belt or whatever. Made in USA. While it was branded for the Yomega Brain, the holster held most any brand yo-yo.

Original retail price: $7 US.

Yomega made a variety of yo-yo holsters over the years. Here are a few:
Black leather, embossed with "Yomega".
Black leather, silver imprint of "Yomega Raider".
Natural leather, embossed with "Yomega The YO-YO with a Brain".
Clear plastic, gold imprint of "Yomega".
Other Views
Front, large
Back, large

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