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Cheerio Demonstrator with contest winners
Exhibit #3225
OwnerRick Brough

Cheerio yo-yo contest winners pictured with a Cheerio demonstrator, policemen, and business and government digintaries somewhere in Ontario, Canada, circa early 1930s. Names unknown. This picture is an interesting window to the past during the early years of yo-yo in Canada.

Historically, in 1928-29, as word of the yo-yo toy migrated northward up the west coast from Santa Barbara, California (home of Pedro Flores' Yo-Yo Manufacturing Co.), young entrepreneurs on Vancouver Island heard about the Flores yo-yo, and began their own manufacturing of the toy. It was originally known as Hiker Yo-Yos. Within a few years, about 1932 or 1933, Hiker became Cheerio Yo-Yo and production was moved to Ontario where it remained for more than 20 years.

Close-ups of the demonstrator and the winners reveal very early (and rare) Cheerio patches. Based on the time period and the yo-yos seen in the hands of the two winners in the center of the picture, and the broad stripe painted on them, it suggests that they are using the Cheerio 99 Kitchener model.
Other Views
Close-up of demonstrator (left) and three winners
Close-up of patch on demonstator's sweater
Close-up of patch on winner's sweater, second from left
Close-up of Cheerio yo-yo

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