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Big Bang Bandalores Endeavor Gold (mini)
Exhibit #2735
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
FinishGold Plated
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter50 mm
OwnerRick Brough

A limited run of the Endeavor in precious metal form. Based on Big Bang Bandalores freshman release, the precious metal editions were made out of 7075 aluminum and electroplated with either nickel, copper, silver, or 24k gold and left in an unsealed or raw state. The idea being that the yo-yo will gather a unique patina with time. To prolong the polished appearance of the yo-yo, you can store the yo-yo in a sealed bag (air removed) that contains small packets of silicagel desiccant such as Dry & Dry.

The yo-yo came standard with a 10 ball stainless steel ball bearing axle. The option to upgrade to a ceramic ball bearing axle was not offered on this edition because ceramic bearings have a tendancy to stick to raw 7075 aluminum posts.

The 24k gold edition seen in this exhibit was plated and polished to a high shine, much like Custom Yo-Yo's Golden Eye. A total of 14 were made with gold plating; 12 were made available to the public for sale on Big Bang Bandalores' website.

The 10 ball stainless steel bearing that came with this yo-yo was replaced with a Buddha Bearing brand 10 ball gold bearing.

Collected August 18, 2017

Original retail price: $90 US.

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