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Duncan Gold Seal Model Airplane Kit
Exhibit #2513
OwnerRick Brough

In 1934, a man named Joseph Ott entered into a short-lived partnership with Donald F. Duncan, Sr., known as "Model Aircraft Products". Duncan sold out his interest sometime in 1935 and continued making yo-yos, while Ott went his own way and started another model airplane kit company.

Duncan's attempt to diversify their product line with model airplane kits was met with limited success. However, kits from other competing brands were quite popular with youth for many years. Back then, the airplane was an exciting new novelty to both children and adults across small town America. My father told me when the sound of a prop plane was heard approaching--a rare event back then--people young and old would often rush outside to look up and watch in awe as it flew past at low altitude.

The Duncan Gold Seal airplane kits were apparently tested and approved by the "Junior Birdmen of America Model Plane Institute" and were "The Tops of the Air". The box itself is intact and complete (9/10), but the contents are used and incomplete (3/10).
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