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Duncan Yo-Yo Champs with Walter Tex Schultz - 1953
Exhibit #1660
OwnerRick Brough

"Cleveland Yo-Yo Champs get together with Walter 'Tex' Schultz, world's champion YO-YO spinner, for a picture after Saturdays finals. (From left, back row) Jack Weber, Wayne Morrow, Tex Schultz, Pat Furgalis, Louise Panek. (From left, front row) Sharon Balthasel, Howard Taylor, Marilynn Skeivis." Notice the young women outnumber the young men. Unfortunately, you'd be hard pressed to find such a scenario in the overly male-dominated competitions of today.

Picture taken Monday, May 11, 1953.

Photographs such as this one are great for dating "dateless" patches.

The text on the front of the t-shirts that two of the contestants are wearing says, "The Cleveland Press Duncan Yo-Yo 1953 Playground Winner".

Demonstrators back then were class acts when it came to looking sharp and professional whether it was during competitions, demonstrations, or posing for pictures with young winners.

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Yo-Yo Champs with Walter "Tex" Schultz - 1953
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