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Bird in Hand National Museum Gift
Exhibit #1268
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeStandard (-)
FinishClear Coat
ColorNatural Maple
ConstructionThree piece wood
Diameter2.125" diameter
Estimated Value$4500.00
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerDavid Hall

This simple wooden yo-yo is now one of my favorites. It arrived in the mail totally without warning, a thank you from Bob Malowney at Bird in Hand.

When I closed down Skilltoys.com, I was left with a room full of inventory. I heard that the National Museum at Chico was having a tough time because of the bad economy. So I donated a bunch of the inventory and collectibles to help with their classes, programs, and support of the museum.

Thank you to Bob Malowney for this one of a kind yo-yo treasure.

A lot of people have complained that my price estimates are too high. I've explained that the prices I list are either what I paid for an item, or what I have been offered for that item. To yank these people's chains, I've listed the value at what it cost to receive this yo-yo.
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