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Duncan Bumble Bee AL - matte (2022)
Exhibit #4427
ColorBlack, matte
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
Gap Width3.75mm
OwnerRick Brough

The bi-metal Duncan Bumble Bee in matte black anodized aluminum.

From yo-yo.com (Duncan):
"There's just something about the feeling of catching a forward pass... That's what we are reminded of when we think of the Bumble Bee. To us, the original (Turbo) Bumble Bee is synonymous with the rebellious playground yo-yo play emblematic of the late 90's and early 2000's.

The Turbo Bumble Bee was something you could pull out of your bit-too-baggy jeans and jam on while waiting for your friends outside the gas station. It was dependable, fashionable, and you felt slightly under-dressed when leaving home without it. This aura is what we chased when designing the all-new bi-metal Bumble Bee for the modern era!

Now a fully modern bi-metal yo-yo, the new Bumble Bee takes notes from the original schoolyard-classic Bumble Bee and channels that daily carry, grab-it-and-go energy. It features the same extreme slim gap design as the original, allowing it to slip into and out of your pockets effortlessly. Further, it features a small bearing, like the original, and is a fully responsive yo-yo, giving it the distinct aura of nostalgia that Duncan products are well-known for. It accepts both friction stickers and 19mm silicone pads, giving you the power to customize your play."

From yoyostorerewind.com:
"What would the best Bumblebee in the world look like?" asks the collection model that fulfills that dream.

The new Bumble Bee is a collection model that fulfills the dream of "The best Bumble Bee in the world." It helped spark the yo-yo boom in Australia and Singapore, and Hyper Yo-Yo also sold OEM versions of the Bumble Bee. This is a bi-metal version of the original Playmaxx Turbo Bumble Bee from 1997, which, after all these years, is STILL part of the Duncan lineup.

Because this yo-yo is intended to be the best Bumble Bee, it is the ultimate collection model and is by no means meant for modern competition play. The feel of the original Bumble Bee has been faithfully recreated in metal. It's a bi-metal model with a midship weight and luxurious specifications. It can only be fully enjoyed by those who know the history of yo-yos, as it is a curious fusion of past and present trends.

In its initial state, the yo-yo is set up to a weak tug response. If you want to use this yo-yo normally, we recommend using a thinner string such as a super slim string if you want to use it in a full bind setting and emphasize slippage. On the other hand, if a stronger return is what you're after, we recommend adding looping oil and a K String (normal) or thicker."

Diameter: 54.63mm
Width: 30.20mm
Gap width: 3.75mm
Weight: 62.6gm
Bearing: Size A
Axle: M4 x 10mm
Response pads: Duncan silicone 12mm
Material: 6061 aluminum
Designed in: USA
Made in: China
Released: February 2022

Released Friday, February 4, 2022 at 18:00 MST

Original retail price: $65 US.

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