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Playmaxx/ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee
Exhibit #2011
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
ResponseBrake Pad
Diameter57 mm
Width28 mm
Weight52 g
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

A black and yellow ballbearing yo-yo in a modified design. Came packaged with extra bee colored strings (yellow/black) and two extra cork brake pads. One of the best playing plastic yo-yos ever made.

Some of these clear, plastic boxes came with two round stickers that sealed the outside of the box on both ends. Other such boxes had no stickers. The box you see above has never been opened despite not having the sticker seal. You can use the pictures in this exhibit to determine the authenticity of a box's contents that you may bid on or price.

Original retail price: $30 US.

Compare to the Duncan Bumble Bee.

Yo-Yo used genuine ProYo replacement parts that included bee strings and cork brake pads.
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