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EXPECTmake Chaos 5A counterweight
Exhibit #4273
OwnerRick Brough

The EXPECTmake Chaos aluminum counterweight for 5A yo-yo play. The most elaborate and high-end counterweight I've ever come across. It was initially made available in black and in purple (seen in this exhibit) versions. See more of EXPECTmake's work at www.todaysthrow.com). EXPECTmake was founded by Auldey's Renjie Lv (also spelled "Jie Ge") and is the counterweight's designer. Counterweight is CNC milled.

From spingear.jp:
"This is a high-class counterweight purchased from CYYC in China. I don't know the detailed background, but I made a quick decision based on the unique characteristics of the cool appearance and the machined weight. 10.7gm.

It has a built-in bearing, and because it is a mechanism that rotates with the part of the cylinder through which the string is passed, there is no interference between the string and the weight, and the performance as a bearing die is thoroughly pursued.

An aluminum 5A counterweight. Aluminum machined counterweight with bearings. The holder is nice. The white part is a holder and disassembly tool that can be removed with the . I felt that it would not enter the country, so I purchased only a small amount. The price is about the same as a full metal yo-yo, but I think it's good as a research material. I feel that it is the most expensive weight at the moment (excluding precious metals not for sale).

The packaged state is as shown in this exhibit. The weight parts are designed to rotate with bearings.

Unpacking can be done by removing three plastic screws by hand.

The state of passing the string is as follows. Rubber rings are included, so you can attach them to the top and bottom to soften the impact of interference with the yo-yo.

Because the bearing is not a common press fit, it can be disassembled and replaced. The resin parts used in the package are used as disassembly tools as they are.

1060-type bearings are used."

Diameter: 22mm
Width: 25mm
Weight: 10.70gm
Counterweight material: A7003 anodized aluminum
Holder material: Polycarbonate

Released July 21, 2019.

Original retail price: 5000 Yen (about $46 US July 21, 2019).

Of interest...
Top Yo's beautiful, tri-composite yo-yos Frozen - Elegance edition, Frozen - Frost edition, and Frozen - Regal (coming soon!) were also designed by EXPECTmake.
Other Views
Side, large
Alternate angle
Counterweight with disassembled storage stand
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