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Top Yo Frozen - Elegance edition (holes)
Exhibit #4142
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Gap Width4.62mm
OwnerRick Brough

Made by TOPYOnation® of China, the Frozen - Elegance edition was designed by EXPECTmake (see more of their work at www.todaysthrow.com) which in turn was founded by Auldey. Lv RenJie (seen it also spelled "Jie Ge") is the yo-yo designer. Yo-yo body is CNC milled with a two-step anodization process. This yo-yo is a tri-composite with a polycarbonate hole cover, a A7003 aluminum body, with stainless steel rings on the outer perimeter.

The Frozen project was first revealed by Top Yo on July 7, 2020. On October 15, 2020, a single picture was posted showing the Frozen yo-yo but with no cut outs or holes.

Supposedly, the yo-yo was limited to a total of 100 pieces. When it released on February 12, 2021 it was only available on the YoYoRewind Japan website. The very limited numbers meant that most online yo-yo webstores either did not receive any or they received only a handful that quickly sold out.

Four versions of the Frozen yo-yo were releasesd:
• Elegance for $150 US. Polished stainless steel weight rings, anodized blue body with anodized metallic pink inner holes, and frosted polycarbonate covering the holes on the inner face of each halve (see in this exhibit).
• Frost for $150 US. Polished stainless steel weight rings, anodized clear, blue, and turquoise body, with frosted polycarbonate covering the holes on the inner face of each halve.
• Royal for $160 US. Polished stainless steel weight rings anodized in rose gold, anodized black body with anodized metallic red inner holes, and frosted polycarbonate covering the holes on the inner face of each halve.
• Regal for $160 US. This exclusive YoYoExpert edition featured polished stainless steel weight rings anodized in copper, anodized pale green body with polished aluminum inner holes, and frosted polycarbonate covering the holes on the inner face of each halve.

Originally released February 12, 2021

Diameter: 55.81mm
Width: 43.31mm
Weight: 64.8gm
Gap width: 4.62mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm slim
Axle: M4 x 10mm
Body material: 7003 aluminum
Inner body material: Polycarbonate
Rim material: Stainless steel

From yoyostorerewind.com:
"This is a unique way to cut the fat! Frozen features a cut-out design that looks like a snowflake.

This multi-material yo-yo removes a lot of weight from the center by cutting out some of the metal sidebody. Just as the name suggests, the design of a snowflake is cut out of the metal side face, and filled in with polycarbonate a bit like a stained glass. The polycarbonate forms the inner edge, giving the Frozen a step straight shape.

This design makes the Frozen look like it may be an overall light yo-yo, but it weighs in at a healthy 65 grams, making it a pretty average weight that will fit comfortably into anyone's hands. This design isn't too heavy or too light, but rather concentrates the weight into the outer rims, giving it a powerful weight balance.

Although the rim is thin, it's been wrapped in a stainless steel rim weight, giving an added boost to the clever design that only increases its performance. The Frozen is truly a rare combination of design elements!

As you can probably guess from the appearance, this yo-yo does not support fingerspin tricks, but it compensates for this with a really unique playfeel. There aren't many multi-material yo-yos out there, and this one seems designed to help overturn our expectations for what a 'normal' yo-yo can do."

From yoyoexpert.com:
"The latest release from TopYo is their most ambitious model yet with some very innovative construction - The FROZEN!

Frozen has a 3 piece design with a plastic and aluminum body fitted with stainless steel rings. The aluminum body has been precisely cut out to reduce center weight while showcasing a beautiful inner polycarbonate shell. Inspired by a snowflake pattern, they removed angular aluminum cut-outs to reduce center weight and further maximize rim weight. This unique construction makes the Frozen a fast and agile on the string with some seriously impressive power, it has a feel in play as unique as it's innovative design!

Frozen is truly a one of a kind yoyo and limited to 100 pieces! (We would suggest avoiding fingerspins though!)".

Original retail price: $150 US.

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