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Hicoo Toys Khan Tu Mini 7
Exhibit #4056
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorHardcoat grey matte
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter48 mm
Width38 mm
Weight63 gm
OwnerRick Brough

This particular model of yo-yo does not have a name that is easy to pin down. It is known across the internet by numerous names depending on which website you are looking at. Yo-Yo name variations include the following:

• Hico Khan Tu
• Hico Khan-tu
• Hicoo Khan Mini 7
• Hicoo Khan
• Hicoo Khan Tu - Hard Coat Edition

There were three different versions of this yo-yo:
• Hicoo Khan - white version, April 2007. Original retail price: $99 US
• Hicoo Khan - green YoYoNation.com-branded edition, April 2007. Original retail price: $99 US
• Hicoo Khan Tu - grey matte hardcoat edition (seen in this exhibit), April 2008. Original retail price: $105 US

Unlike the first released versions of the Khan which had a slick, glossy surface, this follow-up version had a hard coat applied to it. The yo-yo was notorious for rapid degradation and breakage of yo-yo string at the axle, only after a short time of play. This was due, in part, to the use of deep response pad grooves. This questionable design meant that the out-of-the-box silicone response pads actually sat below the plane of the inside surface of the yo-yo. The string friction against the hard coat surface (the bearing was non-centering on the string) cause premature breakage. As an alternative to using kevlar string, you could simply replace the stock response pads with either flowable silicone to raise the response surface up for more string contact or you could use thicker pads. You could also swap out the bearing for a string-centering ball bearing axle.

Uses a size C ball bearing axle and features a 38 mm width, 48 mm diameter, and 63 gram weight. The Khan has often been compared to the Anti-Yo Busine$$.

Released April, 2008

Original retail price: $105 US.

Hicoo (aka Hico) was a short-lived, high-end, Chinese brand of yo-yos from the mid to late twenty aughts. It was started by Shu-Yu Chen. The company's website www.hicotoys.com is no longer online.

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Profile and internals
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